Life Goes On

Graduation parties. Vacation planning. Grocery shopping. Bill paying. Work. My body returning to it's pre-pregnancy state. Time is marching on.

Here, it feels like Leila's birth and death happened just last night. It still has that dream-like quality. Nightmare-like. I keep waiting for the reality to hit me. Maybe I should be glad it's not.

Yesterday was our return to church. That was so scary for me, facing all those people. Some who didn't know we were pregnant, much less that we'd lost our precious gift. The first person we ran into, she said in a happy voice "I heard your news!". Last week's news. There's been an update. Of course, I started to cry. The people at our church are amazing, generous in their love and support. I suppose I should be grateful for that, but it doesn't stop the aching in my arms, my heart. Only time will blur the sharp edges from our grief.

Life goes on. And so will we. Just with the weight of another scar on our hearts.

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  1. Oh hunny I am still praying for you, the days will get brighter as time goes on.