Will You Be My Friend?

Please? Because there's a fairly serious shortage of people I can rely on right now.

It's sad, how those who were your most trusted companions can be unsupportive when you're going through a tragedy.

And how others can become your lifelines.

As one of my closest friends said, this is when you see what your friendships are made of.

That statement was practically prophetic.

Word gets around. And I heard how one of my "girls" was discussing this horrible situation at length with another girl who I completely do NOT get along with. And my "friend" was very verbal about how "I should be over this by now" and "I should definitely not be trying to get pregnant."

Funny, I don't remember asking her opinion. And I certainly don't remember asking her to spoon-feed her opinion to my husband.

Who, in turn, thinks I should be over this by now.

So, as you can clearly see, I have some openings (ahem, gaping holes) in my friends roster, and am looking for compatible subjects to fill those positions. Possible applicants will not be catty, gossipy, or disloyal. And will certainly not possess those horrible knives, the likes of which are currently sticking out of my back in a pattern reminiscent of a porcupine.


  1. Me Me Me! You know I love you!

  2. I know that when I lost my baby close friends often said exactly the wrong thing. But those same friends have been amazing in the loss of Mark. Please be encouraged that your friends probably mean well (I could be wrong), but if they haven't been through it just don't get it. I hope that you will give them a chance to fill the gaping hole for you. Remember in the Bible it says to not take to heart if you overhear your friend saying something hurtful. I know that I often say the wrong thing (quite possibly right now) but it's nice when a friend extends grace to me to give me a "Get out of jail free" card.
    I'm with you and completely you understand you not being over it, and never really getting over it. Praying that you can press on, remembering your sweet girl, and at the same time that you and your husband can be on the same page.
    In love.

  3. Angie said my exact thoughts, only much more eloquently. Please know that you are thought of and prayed for on a daily basis, even if I don't stop and talk to you like I should. (Head down) I'm sorry.
    I love you! :-)

  4. I'm your friend!!

    Oh, I totally feel what you're going through. It's amazing what you see when people show their true colors. Hang in there and pray about it. I promise, it works.

  5. hey emily...
    this is just to tell you that I am still here as your friend, who reads all you have to say here. And will always be there for you. :)

  6. Oh Emily. My heart breaks for you. The saddest part is you and your husband not being in agreement. That must be really hard.
    Everyone grieves on their own timetable. Who is to say what is acceptable and what isn't?
    I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

  7. I love you. Are u in bed by 10 pm? If not, I could call ya. Lemme know.

  8. Emily,
    Unless someone has walked in your shoes they have no place to tell you how you should be dealing with things. It's not their place. They don't know what you are feeling. I'm so sorry for this pain on top of your already hurting heart.
    Take care,

  9. You definitely find out who your true friends are through trials like these. I'm sorry you have found yours not to be so.....good. I would say a prayer for these friends.

  10. Oh Honey. I'm in the same boat with you. We lost Isaac, full term, April 8th of this year.

  11. you can add me to your list of friends if you want, my due date was right behind yours...oct 30th...we can be miserable in oct together....oh and I have the friend shortage too. Thanks for the note the other day.