~~From Angela~~

I'm afraid these few poems will have to do.
To get you through since I cannot be with you.
Strength is within always at a brew.
Bubbling away the troubling.
I promise your heart will sing, sing, sing, and sing.
My promise seems empty now, but this is all I can bring.
Keep love in, and anger out flying away on a storm's wing.

~Angela Makeever


Angel Wings
Today I heard the bells ringing
Ringing loud and clear,
For God called your loved one home
And I know you miss her dear.

I feel the pain in your heart
Because you want near,
There is no cheer in your eyes
As I watch the tears appear.

I know that deep within your soul
You struggle with great fear,
But if you listen closely
I know the bells you’ll hear.

So let your heart fill with peace
For every time a bell rings,
Remember this my friend
An angel gets its wings.

~Georgie M. Kusak


  1. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I needed that today.

  2. Oh sweetie. That is so beautiful. Painfully beautiful.