Carpe-ing the Diem

When opportunity knocks, who wouldn't throw that door wide open and invite her in?

This morning presented a number on the scale that I hadn't seen in a year. No wonder, food has yet to look appealing. I think I'm probably able to choke down 800 calories a day. It's getting to the point where that pesky orthostatic hypotension is always catching me off guard. Not that it's too much of a challenge - my doctor visit two weeks ago revealed a BP of 100/50. Yikes.

Thank God for leftover pizza. It sure gets me off the hook when it comes to cooking. Because that's still something I have no desire to do. I wonder when the "old" me will be back?

And while I'm geeked about fitting into my old clothes, I'd do anything to still be wearing those Old Navy maternity tees I bought back in April.

1 comment:

  1. monkey bread would sure help boost those calories. Probably not in a healthy way, but it would be comforting I bet.